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double workspace in a shared bedroom

In my boys shared bedroom there was no space for homework. Homework would happen in random spots. One day it was the dining room table, the next it was the living room floor. The day after that it might be the kitchen table. As they are getting older (currently my boy’s are in 2nd and 4th grade and my daughter is in 8th grade) I want to make sure I’m setting up some good homework practices for them. I want to help them stay organized at the same time. With some assistance from my dad I created a huge desk with enough workspace for two people. First here is what that corner of their bedroom looked like before… I started out with three base units from IKEA. Two units (one for each boy) and a drawer unit in the middle which they share. There is plenty of room for everything they need…

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gallery wall shelves in the living room

It has been a while since my last post between a new job (I’m the content creator for Divine Design Center. Go take a peak!) , summer craziness and life in general. That does not mean that I haven’t been working behind the scenes since then of course. I always have a project going. If I don’t I get cranky and no one wants that. One project I worked on over the summer were gallery wall shelves in my living room. I’d been planning on doing this project for a while but it required a trip to IKEA which in itself took a while to happen. Above my sofa I had a big blank wall. It has sat that way since I took apart my tv armoire and turned it into my kitchen banquette. I had tried the gallery wall route in other rooms but never quite got the hang…

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DIY dining table; stained butcher block with a metal base

A short while ago I started a huge project which is hands down my favorite one so far. I’ve made a built-in out of IKEA cabinets, gutted closets and created a cloffice. I’ve painted wallpaper, stenciled walls, made wallpaper from fabric, created a family command center, turned my television armoire into a banquette bench. You get the idea. All those projects don’t hold a candle to this table. We use it everyday since it is in our kitchen. My kids do their homework on it. We sit and chat at it with friends and family. It is busy, hardworking and lovely. I started off with a Numerar butcherblock table top which I purchased from IKEA about a year ago. It had been sitting in my garage ever since. The Numerar is not available anymore but you can purchase the Karlby. I wanted something large so I loved the size of the Numerar…

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Sofa Fort City

The following post is sponsored by Wayfair. The other day was a sofa fort kind of day. The sofa in the basement is constantly being made into a fort or castle or hideout of some sort. When I was asked by Wayfair to participate in a Sofa Fort City campaign I knew I’d have some very happy people in my house for a couple different reasons. First because my children (my two boys in particular) just generally like to make forts. The second reason was because mom was actually asking them to make a sofa fort in the living room. We spend a lot of time in the living room and it is not in any way a restricted room. We watch tv there, my kids play with their toys there and in general it is probably the most used room in the house. There are rules about keeping it looking nice though.…

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Pumpkin vase centerpiece

The internet has been pretty saturated with fall decor but one project kept jumping out at me,  the pumpkin vase centerpiece. My two lovely interns (aka my daughter and her friend) created one with some simple grocery store supplies. We bought a large pumpkin (any size will do as long as the base is nice and flat) and two bouquets of flowers. Using a plastic container we trace the edges on the top of the pumpkin, cut the diameter and popped the top off. The container was then slipped inside the pumpkin and filled with water. After that the flowers were trimmed to fit and arranged. My 6 year old even created his own mini version to give to his grandmother. These are quick and easy to do, beautiful to look at and make a great centerpiece for your table!

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FAIR Treasure

Pretty packages in the mail never fail to put a smile on my face. I was recently given a collection of items by FAIR Treasure, a subscription box service which curates beautiful, global finds such as jewelry, accessories and kitchen + home. Each monthly box is geared toward style-conscious, ethical consumers who appreciate the fine art of handmade goods as well as the stories of the people behind them. Each box contains product cards telling the story of the artist and community who benefit from the purchase. Some of their most popular box treasures are also featured for standalone purchases. It was a great collection of accessories and jewelry that had a story behind each one. There are so many times when you just receive something in the mail or purchase it at a store. Seeing the individual behind the item and knowing that you are helping that individual along really personalizes it! Disclosure: This…

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Seasonal organization: preparing your home for fall

So summer is officially over and it is time to get ready for fall. The flip-flops are stored away, the beach towels are packed up and all the summer clutter is put in its’ place for next year. Come find me on Leicht Boston today (and every day!) as I talk seasonal organization with some more tips on preparing your home for fall…

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The summer of unfinished projects

So this summer was a fun and busy one. This meant that on my end things slowed down a bit. I was constantly trying to start a project since I go bonkers if I don’t have something creative going on. It became the summer of countless unfinished projects. Here is some proof… 1. the kitchen table  I have a slab of butcherblock sitting in my garage waiting to be sanded, stained and finished. I’m actually glad I didn’t get any work done on this project since I recently saw this table base at IKEA. Plan to see it again soon!   2. the boy’s room desk area My boy’s share a bedroom and even though their big sister has moved out of her room and into the guest bedroom, there have been no requests to split up and each get their own room. Who would want to leave a room…

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the room switch project: the plan

What better way to spend the summer then rearranging bedrooms? Well one at least. My daughter has decided to switch to the guest bedroom which will give her a little privacy and separation from her two younger brothers. The guest bedroom is rarely used so it didn’t make sense to put a hold on an entire room in the off-chance that we might have a guest. Her old bedroom will become the new guest room. If any overnight guest requires a king sized bed she will hand over her room for that guest. That happens once in a blue moon so everyone will be happy. I think the big draw was that she gets the half bathroom to herself. With two younger brother I don’t think I need to go into detail! So in the process of switching one room around a couple other spaces were affected. I’ll take it one room at a time and…

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a trip to the Boston Design Center

I took a trip to the Boston Design Center the other day to meet with some clients. Visually it is an incredible place to walk through. This is what I came away with… Fake grass on walls is really cool. Almost like hedges in an English garden but 1/80 th of the maintenance. Grasscloth + blue + accent lights + pictures hung from a rod = beautiful. This would be a good solution if you have really high ceilings or an awkward stairway and some artwork or family photos. Hot air balloon baskets are really cool. I can think of a million things I could put in there if I had the space for this. A very large display of random hand mirrors make quite the accent wall. It is hard to tell but this is about 5-7 feet tall. And last but not least. My love for stripes is totally legitimate…

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