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a trip to the Boston Design Center

I took a trip to the Boston Design Center the other day to meet with some clients. Visually it is an incredible place to walk through. This is what I came away with…

Fake grass on walls is really cool. Almost like hedges in an English garden but 1/80 th of the maintenance.

boston design center

Grasscloth + blue + accent lights + pictures hung from a rod =Ā beautiful. This would be a good solution if you have really high ceilings or an awkward stairway and some artwork or family photos.

boston design center

Hot air balloon baskets are really cool. I can think of a million things I could put in there if I had the space for this.

boston design center

A very large display of random hand mirrors make quite theĀ accent wall. It is hard to tell but this is about 5-7 feet tall.

boston design center

And last but not least. My love for stripes is totally legitimate and this floor proves it.

boston design center

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