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home staging

When selling your home the first impression is everything. A prospective buyer is looking for a well laid out, stylish and clutter-free home which they can imagine as their own. This search most often begins online. Whether starting with a blank canvas or staging your current home I can help create a gorgeous interior that any prospective homeowner is sure to fall in love with.

Start with a consultation for an evaluation on what items should be worked on before your home goes on the market. From there decide on if you need more intensive staging help.



interior design

No. 29 DesignĀ helps homeowner's design and bring to life what theyā€™ve been dreaming about for their new home. We also work directly with developers and builders to create a customized look for the market theyā€™re selling to. We are involved from the initial design phase through construction.




color consultation

Are you having trouble deciding on what colors to use in your home? With the thousands of paint colors available for the walls in your home, picking just one color can be daunting. And don't forget your ceilings, trim and moldings! With some help you can have a color plan that flows from room to room and from vantage point to vantage point. Get some help with a brand new home before you even move in. If you are already settled in your home get a fresh pair of eyes to coordinate your furnishings and accessories with a new paint color or two!


interior re-design

Working with what you have is one of the best ways to breathe new life into your home. Envision your home in a whole different light. Consider a simple rearrangement of furniture within a room. Swap furniture, rugs and accessories from one room to another. Change your dining room into an office or your family room into your dining room. Playing Ā with your existing layout can change the entire function of a room. A new layout from a different point of view is sometimes all you need to feel at home.

Architecture blueprint with pen and ruler

developer design program

Working directly with developers and builders on projects as well as individual homeowners we are able achieve a tailored look for any market. From small home projects to full scale new builds we work with you every step of the way