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double workspace in a shared bedroom

In my boys shared bedroom there was no space for homework. Homework would happen in random spots. One day it was the dining room table, the next it was the living room floor. The day after that it might be the kitchen table. As they are getting older (currently my boy’s are in 2nd and 4th grade and my daughter is in 8th grade) I want to make sure I’m setting up some good homework practices for them. I want to help them stay organized at the same time. With some assistance¬†from my dad I created a huge desk with enough workspace for two people. First here is what that corner of their bedroom looked like before…


I started out with three base units from IKEA. Two units (one for each boy) and a drawer unit in the¬†middle which they share. There is plenty of room for everything they need to get homework done. No more searching for supplies in the middle of homework. I have a bunch of¬†procrastinators on my hands so this help with the putting off of homework just because they can’t find the tape.




I used two pieces of wood and finished the edges to make up the 90 inches of desk I was going for. I finished the top with a dark stain and finish, following the exact same steps and supplies I used for my kitchen table.


Three shelves were added (using the same steps) above for books and display. I also added some magnetic boards to the wall, one for each boys, to display their latest artwork, team ribbons or notes. This keeps the shared feel of their bedroom which has been a great experience for them.




I purchased two matching and extremely comfortable chairs which have been a hit. They have also been a great spot to have each boy lay out their outfits for the next morning so there is no drama at the crack of dawn!





The shared drawer unit allows for each boy to have a drawer along with two extra shared drawers for paper and other supplies, namely staples and tape. No one loves staples and tape as much as these two!

The two shelving units allow for storage and display as well. I have a bit of an “Odd Couple” situation going on with my two boys. It is actually a running joke between my husband and I. I’ll text him that Oscar or Felix has struck again and he knows exactly who or what I’m talking about! I’m not naming names but one is definitely the neater of the two…





The finishing touch on this double workstation is the chair. It fits perfectly in this corner and has a great masculine feel to it but with all kidding aside, this chair was for me. My one son has dyslexia so homework is often a joint¬†effort. I’ll sit and casually read a book in the chair while they do their homework. If I’m needed for some quick help I’m right there to give it. If I’m not needed then I’m just reading a book and everyone feels successful in their work!



This room still needs some¬†window treatments but it’s getting there. And I have two boys that are happy to work on¬†their homework/Lego’s/toilet paper roll creations at their new desk. Pass the tape.


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