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World Market live and in person!

The other day while on vacation with my family I made a special trip to my new “happiest place on earth.” Yes, Disneyland was on our agenda but that was for the kids. I’m talking about World Market. I’ve had them as an affiliate on my sidebar for a while but the closest one to me is in Maryland. Being that I live in Boston that shopping trip will never happen. I’ve browsed their website and fallen in love with too many of their items to keep track of. This piece in particular…
emerson shelf with step
So while in California my friend and I took a mom trip. We left the two husbands and six children at home, grabbed some coffee and headed to World Market. I was not disappointed! Here is what greeted us when we walked in the door…

The mix of industrial with traditional was exactly my style. The spindle side table was a beautiful piece next to an upholstered chair. The coffee table on wheels would satisfy my love of industrial style. And then there was that mirror. 

This next display was simple with quite an impact. Although the peacock print was rather large it is quite the statement piece. I have a weakness for birdcages but knew they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase. 

The various photo boards with either frames, chairs or chandeliers would be great additions to any room. They were neutral enough to mix in with any style. Imagine this on your kitchen wall!

oval framed venetian photo board
These boxes caught me eye next. They came in three sizes, the smallest ones on sale for $9.99. For that price you can take each box a step further and customize it. Paint it, cover it in fabric or paper, stencil it, etc. 

The lighting section had a mix of task lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps and lanterns. I’m still thinking about these three lamps. They are 3 plug in hanging pendants on sale for $59.99. If you have high ceilings they are a great way to define your space. Hang them over a coffee table with a hook from your ceiling. They are plug in so it isn’t a big commitment. Cover the wire with a cord cover that coordinates with your accent pillows or drapes and you can instantly warm up any room!

grey irving burlap shades

The basket section was limitless and very tempting. I had to walk away.

Once again my weakness for birds was exploited everywhere.

I was not expecting a grocery section. Lots of fun and yummy items.

The entire dining and kitchen section had great accent pieces as well as the basics. All the little pieces that could be added to enhance a space were my favorites. Chalkboard planters almost made it into my cart.

Imagine this chair at your kitchen table. Not only was it a great design, it was comfortable too!

campaign chair
These chalkboard labels fit into my suitcase. You’ll be seeing them again…

A chaise. With tufting. And a pleated pillow. Sigh…

These dining room chairs were fun all on their own. I’d love to try reupholstering them!

ella chair
More tufting with an industrial table or two.

I loved the color of this chair with its’ friend the stool. It was a nice shallow chair that wouldn’t take up too much physical space but would add a lot of visual impact!

I came home with a couple of items and a lot of new ideas. I didn’t even take pictures of the gift wrap section with its assortment of paper, ribbon and boxes. The bath section and window treatments were hard to walk by without grabbing an item or two. It’s probably a good thing there isn’t a World Market nearby!

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