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window treatment with doorknob tiebacks

In between the larger projects going on in my daughter’s bedroom I decided to address the window situation. The walls looked so nice but the stark windows, not so nice. 
The window has a light blocking roller shade for privacy that will be staying in place. Since the molding and shade are both white it practically disappears when rolled up. We’ve decided on the color scheme for the rest of the room and I’m on the hunt for fabrics and accessories! I wanted simple window panels so that the fabrics used throughout the room on the bed, pillows and chair (all to come) would be the showcase. White sheers with the texture of cheesecloth and an embroidery stitch throughout are the perfect blend of softness and simplicity. 
My biggest issue was how would I hang them. I wanted something unique. I shopped around my home and came across these vintage doorknobs which I was planning on using in my mudroom. 
The mudroom is still being worked on and I had bought four of these on Etsy hoping to hang backpacks and little people coats. While they are beautiful to look at they are difficult for little fingers to hang things around. Luckily they were never put up and were instead sitting in my closet waiting for a home. Enter the pre-teen bedroom.
I played around with different ways these doorknobs could be used and decided they made beautiful curtain tiebacks. With the simplicity of the curtains these tiebacks would be the focal point of the window. Of course I decided on all this before figuring out how to actually hang up the curtains. Then I came across this…

An adjustable curtain rod for blackout curtains which mounts straight onto the wall. This means no decorative finials. Even though finials can be gorgeous, having them in this window would detract from the doorknob tiebacks. This way the panels wrap around the corner and the rod just disappears!

Once the curtain rod was hung and the panels placed on I played around a bit with where the doorknobs would go. By hanging them right next to the molding they won’t disappear under the curtain panels. 
The panels could be tied in all sorts of different ways as well. My daughter really liked when I knotted them first and then secured the knot with the doorknob. The curtains didn’t touch the floor that way which was the look she was going for. 

Fabric and curtains in particular make such a difference in a room. These are neutral enough that every other surface with a color or pattern can change around the room and these panels will still fit in. The rod and doorknob tiebacks fit in as well with the black of the chalkboard cloffice, which is just to the left of the window. Speaking of the cloffice, I have a date at Home Depot this week for the desktop. I’m still deciding between pine, MDF and plywood. Any suggestions?
Sharing this over at Thrifty Decor Chick.

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