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Where the birch logs ended up…

Traditional won out and I placed my newly acquired birch logs in my fireplace.

Our fireplace has never been used by us. I’m hoping to change that this winter. This area is on my list of to-do’s. I’m hoping to replace the clay tiles in the floor with some larger tiles. Anything other than clay! After that a new screen is in order, or possibly doors. I’m not sure which direction that is going yet. 
In the meantime the new birch logs add a burst of white to a very dark area. And yes, we started decorating for Christmas. My youngest is three and this was his first year decorating the tree. Tree decorating in our house is an all-day affair. Other years, by the time we got the tree bought, brought in, placed in the stand, set up with lights, and then decorated with ornaments, he was fast asleep. This year he took part in all of it along with our other two children. His audible gasp when the lights went on in the end was priceless. He is now the official tree lighter. He comes down each morning and the first thing he does is flick the switch to turn them on. 
More Christmas decorations to come! I decorate in layers and I still have to purchase my icing on the cake, baby’s breath! Are you wondering where that is going? You’ll just have to wait and see…
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