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what do i do with this?

When I went to check out The Shops at Target a while back I had one item in mind that I wanted. I loved the look of this birdhouse from Privet House. It is a beautiful decorative piece and I always gravitate towards birdhouses and birds anyways. I love the architectural aspect of it. It has been floating around my home as I try to decide what to do with it. I like to rotate things around anyways and I especially love working the unexpected into everyday uses.
Here are my ideas about how this could be used.
{incoming mail} Everyone has that pile of mail that needs to be sorted through and dealt with. What if it lived in this charming birdhouse. The pile wouldn’t be able to build up since space is limited in this place. Leaving it out in the open always helps a job get done a little faster as well. And it’s pretty.
{lost sock house} We have a lot of feet in this house which means we have lots of socks. The occasional lost sock sits around until its’ twin is found. Place it on a shelf in your laundry room inside the birdhouse and it won’t get lost.
{extra bathroom towels} Keep some handtowels rolled up in the birdhouse and leave it in the bathroom.
{packaged soaps} Place some beautifully packaged soap in here and keep your space smelling and looking nice.
{for pretty things} Plastic fruit, large seashells, nostalgic children’s toys, antique collections. I could go on and on…..
Now it’s your turn. What would you use it for?
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