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what a difference a floor makes…

So the flooring is officially going down. I love it. I wasn’t too excited that I was forced to change to another style of flooring but it actually really works well in that space. The difference is incredible. Everything else has been done for a little while, but once the floor went in it all just came together. The board and batten is so much more visible against the warm wood look-a-like.

The faint gray blue, Behr Breaker, in the laundry room didn’t show that much before the floor was down. I was wishing that I had done a slightly darker shade. Now that the floor is in the color pops! I’m so glad I stayed with what I had. 

Flooring is the final piece that brings the whole room together. It can be a low cost floor like the TrafficMaster Allure that I chose, or something else. In my last house I had chosen all the flooring as well. We went with hardwood floors throughout the entire downstairs and carpeting upstairs. I had it in my head that I wanted tile in the front hall so I kept my eyes open every time I made a trip to Home Depot. I was walking towards the front getting ready to pay for something when I saw a Granite Tile Display at the end of one aisle. It was a beautiful soft gray granite on sale for $4 a square foot. There was enough there to cover my front hall so I called my dad to come and check it out and I sat. I sat on top of the number of boxes I needed, just in case someone tried to take them out from under me. My dad showed up, told me I wasn’t seeing things and that this was great tile. 

Even though it was put in a very small space, this tile was a great addition to the front hall. It was always commented on and made an otherwise boring space a little more interesting.

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