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Unusual accents – Part One

I have a strange way of shopping for accent pieces for my home. Any normal person would head to the kitchen department when looking for something to hold their kitchen sponges. Where do I end up? The garden section,  of course, with a porcelain flower pot.

A search for some sort of container for my laundry room led me to the children’s section of Home Gods. I was looking for something to hold the random sock that was waiting to find its partner and I ended up with a child’s pail for the beach. Mind you this was not any pail. It is enamelled metal in a beautiful shade of blue complete with a wooden handle.
My fireplace  needed some filler. We had not used it yet and it only had the grate in it with no fireplace screen. I took the grate out and added a wooden piece I got for $15 at an antique shop. I had added some candles to it and it fits perfectly in that space, at least until we pick out a screen and actually use it.
My children’s bathroom had the ugly old towel holders which didn’t work for me. I removed the plastic bar, the ceramic brackets are still there, and searched for an alternative. At my favorite antique store, Wiltsie Bridge Country Store, I found some coat hangers. This is also where I got the wooden piece above. The individual hooks move around and can adjust into different slots. They were both slightly broken so I got them for $3 each! They are cast iron and when secured to a stud, they hold a lot of towels, not coats.

As I look around my house I realize this is my favorite way of accessorizing. I like having something quirky that one wouldn’t expect. They are also original pieces and ideas, so no one else has them. That has to be my favorite part. I have a lot more examples to share but I thought I’d start you off with these ones. More to come!

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