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trial and error

I had a great plan last week. I was looking for some toy storage for the large toy closet in the basement…
I’m showing you the nice shot with the doors closed first since when you open them this is what greets you…
The closet is the main toy storage for our house. The kids do have toy storage in their rooms as well as a bin in the living room. Eventually though, everything makes its’ way back down here. The closet is 80 inches wide with three adjustable shelves and enough room at the bottom for some large bins and items. 
The work on this closet has not begun yet. I’m still figuring out what I want to do but for now I’ve set up smaller bins to group similar items together. The bins at the bottom worked for a while but aren’t doing the job for me anymore. I have 24 inches in height to work with. The bins there now are only 12 inches high. 
My plan was a rolling bin. I thought trash cans would be fun and was planning on spray painting them some fun colors. Once I checked them out up close I changed my mind since they weren’t big enough and would look tired and beat up quite quickly. They already had dents in them and hadn’t been anywhere near my children.
I moved on and found large bins. They were the perfect height once I attached wheels on the bottom. The color was not what I wanted but spray paint fixes anything. They were also much larger than the trash can I found …

I bought three, found some spray paint, some rolling plant caddies to attach to the bottom and set off for home. I attached the caddy to the bottom of one and started work on the next. My kids were playing in the garage and I then heard these words…

“Can I drive this?”

I reluctantly turned around to see this…

Cue the screeching brake noise.

The future with these bins flashed before my eyes. I would attach wheels, spray paint them, reorganize the toys into the three large bins and think I had scored as far as toy organization was concerned. Then my children (the boys in particular) would go downstairs to play, dump out the organized toys onto the floor and play bumper cars with the now empty bins. 
I stopped right there, returned the untouched bins and spray paint and enjoyed my new rolling toy bin for the garage. 

I’m back to my search for rolling toy bins. I’m thinking wooden and next time I’m taking my children with me to make sure no one fits in them.
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