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Things are moving along

Today is day four of the serious work going on downstairs in my basement. Yesterday was a loud day with the last of the cement being cut and the exterior door getting fit. A storage closet we had down there was cut apart, and we now have this.

Here is the doorway that caused all that dust. We are going to have to call it Dusty or something. My kids seem to like naming everything anyways. Our cars even have names and my husband and I both refer to them by those names rather than by what type of car they are. I drive Puffy, my husband drives Jack. No idea how they came up with those names, but they’ve stuck. 

So the site of wood stacked up in the middle of the room and tools stored in the corner are a welcome sight. The framing is going on as I sit here and type. The window in the image below is going to get blocked up. That wall is where our built in is going to go. We will be buying some IKEA pieces from the Hemnes Series and finishing them to look built in. 

The framing should be done by the end of the day today. They will be putting up the walls dividing the main space from the storage/utility room. The laundry room will also be framed. There were some last minute changes there which I’m working on figuring out right now. It might work in my favor to finally get a barn door in there somewhere. More on that later. 

The three closets will also be framed out today. I’m looking forward to finally seeing an outline of what the space will look like. I have this uncanny ability to see plans in my head before they are completed. I can actually look at a floor plan and do a 3-D walk through in my head. When we built our last house I put the floor plan together. The images I saw in my head actually looked like the final product. So I have a picture in my head of how it will all come together. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are getting somewhere!
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