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My home consists of three bathrooms. The first bathroom is in the master bedroom and is primarily used by my husband and I. The second bathroom is in the upstairs hallway and is called the kid’s bathroom. The third bathroom is actually a half bathroom and is on our mudroom/guest room/garage level. Confusing, right? I’ve explained a bit about how my home is set up here.
When guests ask where the bathroom is I usually send them to bathroom number three. That’s when the confusion starts. I tell them the bathroom is downstairs and so the guest makes their way down. Once at the bottom of the stairs they are faced with three doors. One door leads to the guest bedroom, one leads to a closet and the last one is the bathroom. 

I always hear the doors opening and closing until the guest has found the right one. Every single time the actual bathroom door is the last one opened since it is the farthest from the stairs. I decided to help my guests along and make an small addition to the bathroom door. I applied this vinyl wall decal from Old Barn Rescue on the outside of the door.
It was a quick and easy job. I peeled the backing off the decal and made sure the text was straight and centered before applying it to the door. Using a credit card I rubbed the decal and and then peeled the front off. I was then left with just the black text.

All that is left to do is throw a party and see how it works! Go pay Old Barn Rescue a visit and find some fun decals for your home!

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