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the January cleanse…

As soon as the holidays are over I get the urge to clean. I love putting my tree up but I love taking it down even more. It happens to me every year. This year it became more of a job of decrapifying than cleaning. I went through the kids’ rooms, the living room, the family room, the guest room as well as a couple closets and purged. The guest room had become the wrapping room for the holidays so all the wrapping paper, tape and ribbons were finally put away. The living room was returned to its usual layout and toys were cleaned out. Some might have been secretly discarded. Don’t tell my kids. I love putting the house back in order after the chaos of the holidays. 

Now that the break is over I’m ready to start some new projects as well. I have a to-do list in my head which just seems to get bigger over time. First up are some simple changes to my entryway which I’m itching to get started on. Mother Nature hasn’t been too sympathetic with me and decided that my children needed another two days of vacation in the form of a snowstorm. Painting will have to wait but in the meantime I will just keep purging.

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