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the homework station…

I finally got around to doing something I’ve been meaning to do throughout this entire school year, just in time for school to finish up. I blame it on the fact that I don’t get to IKEA too often. 
I was looking for a solution for homework time. My children do their homework on the dining room table since the kitchen table is being used for snack time. I had a tablecloth on there to protect the table from the pencils and notebooks but I hated covering up the beautiful wood on the table. A cleaner surface helps me stay neater as well. Once the table cloth is on it is an invitation for clutter in this house at least. 

I’d been searching for a desk pad that could be taken out at homework time and then put away when the work is done. One my last trip to IKEA I picked up the Projs desk pad for $5.99.

The crayons and colored pencils go on the runner in the middle of the table. I’ve actually left the pad out since it is pretty invisible. At this point it has been used for everything from coloring books to lego spaceships to homework, just in time for summer. At least I’ll be ready when September rolls around! 
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