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the ceramic kitchen sign…

A while back I found a simple ceramic sign at Nordstrom Rack that would be perfect in my kitchen. Don’t you agree?

I held off on putting it up for a little while. First of all I couldn’t decide where to put it. Over the doorway, which doorway, on the blank wall, over the sink? You see the dilemma. Then I was convinced that no matter where I put it, I would break it while putting it up. Do I use nails, do I screw it in, do I glue it on since I loved it so much and don’t see changing it for a while? 
Well I bit the bullet and installed it this morning. I decided on above the kitchen door leading to the front entryway. I screwed it in with black screws since hammering it in with nails would probably shatter it into a million pieces (I mentioned it is ceramic, right?) 

kitchen sign

kitchen sign

kitchen sign
kitchen sign

kitchen sign

kitchen sign
It is such a simple little addition which ties in with all the changes I’m making in the kitchen. And the new white walls make me happy dance!
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