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surviving the mess of construction

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Although this shot is not of my house, it helps narrate the fact that I’ve come to a couple realizations and decision while we have construction going on. At first the dust and mess bothered me. Even though most of the mess is contained downstairs it does manage to make its way upstairs. Dusty footprints get tracked up the stairway, wayward pieces of wood and nails are gathered by little hands and brought upstairs. I’ve even found some dried, splattered plaster in my boys’ bedroom. Some of this I can control, some I can not. 

I’ve come to the decision that for now, I will let the house go a little and be okay with it. I won’t go nuts dusting up the fine layer of consturction dust because it just comes back. I will wait till the tools, trucks, and people are gone and then I will clean the heck out of this place. 

Until then I will be patient. I will live with furniture and toys being covered by huge sheets of plastic.

I will not feel the urge again to vacuum the dust off the floor. It did make me feel better for about two hours but I will wait next time until I can bring out the mop and drench the floor till it shines.

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Letting the kids know the “off limits” areas has helped also. They are excited for this project to be over so for now I’ll take a deep breath, wipe some dust off my coffee mug, and be patient.

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