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the story of my laundry sink…

When we moved into this house two years ago we found a laundry sink already installed in the mudroom/laundry room. This wasn’t any old laundry sink. It was not the cement kind I had grown up with. It wasn’t the fiberglass kind that you see everywhere. This laundry sink is porcelain. The legs are cast iron which flare out at the bottom, There is a built-in washboard on the inside front of the sink. The faucet itself is nothing to write home about but I have plans for that.

the “before” shot
When I first told the plumber working on our home that I was going to be moving the sink downstairs and fitting it with a new faucet he tried twice to convince me to get rid of this sink and just buy a fiberglass one. I won’t even dignify that by writing any more about it. 
I bought a beautiful goose neck faucet from This is a kitchen faucet but the sink is so large that it fits perfectly.

My contractor did what the plumber said he couldn’t. He drilled the opening for the faucet a little wider and installed the faucet with a plate covering all the old holes. This could have been risky and I could have had a cracked sink, but it worked! He actually texted me and said it cracked as a joke. I was in the car with my kids, I said a bad word and texted back, “oh well…” When he called back to say he was joking all he could hear were my kids saying, “Mommy said a bad word!” My bad.
the “after” shot
The plumbing still needs to get hooked up and the sink needs some heavy duty cleaning, but I think it is happy in its new home.
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