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a sofa makeover…

When we were married almost 15 years ago one of the first items of furniture we bought was a sofa. It was a comfortable leather sofa that you could just sink into. We chose a sleeper sofa for the occasional overnight guest. It was big, heavy and perfect, at least then is was. Today, not so much. Why, you ask? I’ll let the picture do the talking.

It is green, dark hunter green. Those were my colors back then. Everything I bought was burgandy, yellow, green and dark! 
I’m not in the market for a new sofa yet. I don’t know if I ever will be although I’d love a sectional down there one day. For now this sofa will do. All it needed was a slipcover. I was able to find one at Target that came in two pieces, one for the sofa itself and one for the seat cushions. The pillows along the back of the sofa are attached so I needed something that fit over all of that. 

The slipcover does require a lot of adjusting, especially since this sofa has an incredible bounce factor, and my kids are bouncers. On a typical day I come downstairs to find the seat cushions half off. Other times the whole section is removed because it is so much more fun to bounce from the sofa and then onto the cushions on the floor. Considering all it has been through, this sofa has really held up. All it needed was this makeover, a little nip here and a little tuck there. 
For now there is a “brand new” neutral sofa in place, all ready for the explosion of fabric and pillows about to come its’ way.
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