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So I built a table…

As the finishing details were being completed on my porch I began looking for some sort of coffee table. First I thought I’d find some small table at yard sales, paint them the same color and call it a day. That didn’t happen. Then I thought I’d create a table using some black wire trash cans I found. That didn’t pan out either. It does make a lovely magazine holder though.

 So I was a bit stuck as to what to do for a coffee table. I knew I wanted it to look something like this…

via hayneedle

or this…

via worldmarket

Basically I had another image stuck in my head. Elaborate black metal base with a wooden stained top. Great. So much for trying to spend as little as possible on this porch! That is until the the other day when I went to Target and spotted this…

Cue the dramatic heavenly music! For all of $19.9 I saw the perfect table. At least the beginnings of it. 

I was able to create this table with no cutting, just some simple drilling and some paint and spray. Full tutorial is on its’ way. I promise this is one of my simplest transformations yet!

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