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search your home when making design commitments…

I’m in the process of making a bit of a design commitment. I need to select fabric which will not be permanent but will be long term. It will be in a highly visible spot so I want to be happy with my decision. I definitely want a pattern instead of a solid so I decided to look around me to help make this decision. This is the best way to discover your style. Which patterns do you lean towards? Colors could or could not apply to this theory. I toured my home and found that I love repetitive patterns. Stripes, geometrics, anything with a repeat. See for yourself…
selecting pattern
These are a mix of the rugs, furniture, walls, pillow, window treatments and even floors in my home. Don’t forget the laundry hamper. They are all repetitive and symmetrical patterns from stripes to chevrons and everything in between. Although patterns such as florals do make it into my home they are usually found on smaller accent items such as pillows. 
Try this method if you have a big commitment item coming up. Are you picking out a rug, some bedding or even a sofa? It can work for colors as well. Round up what colors you have used that you are comfortable with, especially when buying something as long-term as a sofa or headboard. Sometimes you want to try a new color though, so move a shade or two over. 
I was able to narrow my search down and focus. I even purchased fabric in a color I’ve never used before. I felt so comfortable with the pattern that I was able to make this decision. I did stay within a color group that I could look at everyday, spring, summer, winter and fall. Needless to say I found my fabric without a second thought! 
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