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Project Basement Has Begun!

We picked our contractor, we signed our contract, permits are being pulled and things are moving forward. 
I am so excited I had to stop myself from buying bins at Target this morning. Yes, the project has not even begun and I’m already organizing and decorating it. Welcome to my life! The whole project should take about five weeks, which means in a little over a month we will have a family room downstairs. We can have people over and not have the kids playing on top of us. We will have a separate laundry room which means there won’t be piles of laundry on the floor of the mudroom to greet me when I walk in the door. There will be closets! Three in total. One for toys (that’s where the plastic bins come in), one for the pantry, and one for me. Right now the pantry is a wire shelf in the basement. This will be a full blown closet. The closet for me is exactly that. All my project stuff. Fabric, sewing machine, staple gun, future projects, all mine. 

Here is the floor plan now.

The biggest change is the egress door. We will no longer have a big huge window in the front of the basement for emergency access. Since there is no bedroom down there we don’t have to have that egress. We did decide to put a bulkhead door in the storage area so we can still move big things in and out. This is the first thing they will start on down there which also means they will be bringing all the materials in and out through there and not through the rest of the house. 
There is going to be so much to share. The building process, the decision we’ve made so far, the rooms themselves. Then comes the fun stuff. The finishing, the decorating, the organizing. I’m absolutely giddy!
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