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plug in pendant lamps

My porch had one itty bitty light next to the door. It was tired, it was old and it didn’t give off much light.  I gave it a little makeover instead of buying a new one and kept my eyes open for some lighting solutions for the rest of the room. I had an eating area with a bisto table that needed some light as well as an accent table in the other corner. This was more of a sitting area. I didn’t want to take up any table space with a lamp. Target scored again when I came across this lamp…

I’m typically not a very impulsive buyer when it comes to larger items. I grabbed two of these within two seconds of seeing them. I immediately had plans to either put them in my bedroom above my bedside tables or on the porch. The porch won.

The corners where I was placing these already had two hooks on either side. We think the previous owners had a clothes line on the porch. Regardless, they line up perfectly with each other so I didn’t have to do anything. 

I hung them at the same height and hide the bulk of the cord behind the curtains. 

The industrial look picks up the accent table I made as well as the bisto table. They look great during the day and add the perfect amount of light at night. My nightside tables are jealous.

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