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planning a family command center…

With a big blank wall to work with and an end goal in mind (a family command center) I started figuring out all the different things I’d like to incorporate. There are lots of different examples to get ideas from but I have not seen exactly what was in my head out there yet. 

Here are the items I defintely wanted on there in some form or another.

1. A two month calendar – This calendar would mostly be for my children to know what is going on. Swim team practices, soccer practices, doctor appointments, birthday parties, voice lessons, etc. My own calendar is on my iphone and computer, safe from little fingers. This one is so there are no surprises from day to day.

2. File folders for each family member – I’ve been using this system for a while and it works for me. Each family member has a file where I put everything including weekly homework packets, project assignments, doctors forms, classroom lists, school contact information, etc. When it is no longer an “active” item I either throw it away or put in permanent file storage. The folders will be cleaned out and checked constantly. Some items might stay in there for the whole school year, others only until they have been completed, like homework.

3.  My personal in box – This is my own personal action box. If I have a doctor I need to call or a form I need to fill out or an invitation I have to RSVP, it can be found in my inbox. I have a file now but I’d love one that is front and center. “ ut of sight, out of mind” is a big problem for me so “right in front of my face” would work perfectly!

4. To do/Grocery list – I’m old school when it comes to my grocery list because I still rely on a handwritten one. I wanted to have a place to jot down an item that we just ran out of. I can later add that item to the master list. My kids like to help with this list so I sometimes find random items on there. Apparently we need yogurt, milk and green at the moment. Not exactly sure where to buy green.

5. Weekly Menu – When I am at my most organized I have a weekly menu figured out. There are plenty of days where I’m a last minute planner and the kids have “brinner” or breakfast for dinner. Having a dedicated place to write down a weekly menu would actually make me plan it out. I could also plan ahead to pick the day that I have the most time to cook, which day is a leftover day and which day I just need take out!
6. Bulletin board – I’d love a little spot for invitations, announcements and achievements. I don’t need a huge one, just enough to hold all the currents items we still need to keep in mind. 

7. Storage shelf– A shelf would work well in this area. My ceilings are pretty high so I think there is room for one. I could put a decorative box there with some pushpins for the bulleting board and markers to the list. I could also load a shelf up with plenty of pretty items. That was never a problem of mine! 

All my Pinterest and Google searches have not shown me exactly what is in my head but that is fine. I’ve started putting it together as you can tell from the pictures. It has been rearranged a couple times., of course. Once I have it all figured out I’ll share, I promise!
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