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painting with chalkboard paint

I’ve been eyeing different walls in my home trying to decide which one would be coated with chalkboard paint. I’m pretty obsessed with chalkboards at the moment, as well as the type that is often artistically displayed there. 


When I gutted my daughter’s closet to create her cloffice I found my perfect wall. Or rather, three walls and a ceiling. My daughter is the creative type. She loves writing and drawing. Giving her an area of her room where she could write and draw to her hearts content is the perfect outlet for her. Friends and family have signed the wall and left her little notes as well as drawings. She had a countdown on there for a family trip, she’s left me notes and she has practiced writing her name. A lot. 
The reaction from everyone has been, “That is so cool!”  She loves that part! It has been a great addition and is suitable for any age. Chalkboard walls work in bedrooms (especially children’s), offices, kitchen and laundry rooms. Even having one in the mudroom would be useful. I’m always leaving myself notes about what I need to remember before stepping out anyway.
The closet was already painted so all that I needed to do was apply two layers of chalkboard paint. I let that dry for two days and then cured the chalkboard. I had never heard of this step before until I did some research into painting with chalkboard paint. Curing means you use the side of a piece of chalk and cover the entire painted area. This helps set the surface for chalk. 

I let it sit that way for a day. Then using a chalkboard eraser I erased, or rather, rubbed it all in.

 The chalkboard wall then sat that way for two days. I let the kids write on it at this point, since it was clearly torment for them. After those two days I took a wet cloth and wiped it all down. I didn’t do a perfect job since I liked the scale of gray that the wall had become with a bit of chalk still on it. It is not a pure black, but more of a slate color. It also matches perfectly with the blue walls!
This is currently a lot of black but once the accessories have been added it will be toned down. I’ll be adding white shelves, and a white desktop. Plus, the wall itself is pretty colorful right now all on it’s own!

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