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painting a ceiling fan

The ceiling fan on my porch was my first project I tackled. It was not much to look at but I was not in the market to buy a new one, for a couple reason. First of all it still works. Second of all, with some coats of paint I was fairly certain I could give it the look I wanted. I love the look of a black ceiling fan so with a couple coats of Behr Premium Plus Ultra exterior paint (I chose to use paint and primer in one in black) I took what was originally a white ceiling fan…

to this… 

This was the first on my list of projects since I would next be painting the ceiling. I had initially thought about taking the ceiling fan down and spray painting it. The spray painting part would have been easy with this method. The taking it down part would not have been. I decided to switch gears and hand paint the entire thing. I used my favorite brush for about 90% of the fan. Once I got the the area closest to the ceiling I used one of my children’s watercolor brushes. Two coats later and I had a brand new looking ceiling fan, saving myself about $200 in the process.

Painting the ceiling itself it next. I can’t wait to see how the fan looks once I have the gorgeous shade of Benjamin Moore Harbor Fog up there! Check out my pinterest board to see what I mean!

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