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my weekend finds

This past weekend I was able to visit some antique stores while visiting with family in the Duchess County region of New York. I hit the jackpot. 

First up are these adorable chalkboard labels. They are going to look great in the mudroom, don’t you think?

Next, the hand. I know it looks a bit strange now, but there is going to be a great explanation behind it, along with a coat of paint.

 Last but not least, drum roll please…

I picked up four rolls of wallpaper, 56.37 square feet each for a total of eight dollars!!!! Not just any wallpaper. Waverly textured wallpaper in a gorgeous pattern. Keep your fingers crossed that it is paintable. It doesn’t say much on the label but I plan to try it anyways. Maybe a slight glaze, nothing too heavy so that it doesn’t warp the paper. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m still deciding what to use it for.

What have you found lately?

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