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I’m a list person. Random little pieces of paper can be found anywhere from my desk, to the kitchen counters, to my pockets. My lists are for items I need to do on any certain day, projects I’m working on, supplies for home. Like I said, random and all over the place.
I needed a better system for my lists so I began first of all by putting my phone to better use. I use Notes on my iPhone and now have a running Target list, a miscellaneous list for school supplies, clothing needs for the kids, etc. That left me my work list. I need that one to be in front of me since I’m constantly thinking of projects and tweaking old ones. I went shopping in my basement and came across this old picture frame. 

 I took the frame apart and spray painted the glass with chalkboard paint. Two quick coats as well as some chalkboard sealing and that was done. 

I then sprayed the frame white. I bought the frame about 10 years ago. Taste can change and that is why we have spray paint. A couple coats with white paint and primer in one and then I let it all dry. I wrote “The List” with a chalkboard pen since I find you have much more control with these. The actual list items I wrote with good old fashioned chalk since it changes daily. My list now hangs above my desk. It is out in the open but with the decorative frame it does not scream “work” to me. 
chalkboard to do list

chalkboard to do list

Do you have some old frames lying around. Put them to better use and gain some organization for yourself as well!

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