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my new porch furniture…

When I started giving my porch a little renovation I decided I was going to try to furnish it with all Craigslist, yard sales and antique store purchases. So far so good. For a total of $65 I bought a wicker sofa…
a wicker chair…

and a small mahogany table…
Please pardon the graffiti on the floor. I let the kids go to town since I’ll be painting over it anyways. This new arrangement will be the basic seating for the room along with my older bistro table and two chairs. I’m having fun at the moment rearranging them until I decide where they go. I’m going to leave the chair and sofa as they are, along with some cushions of course. As far as the mahogany table goes I’m not sure what direction I’m headed yet. It is a beautiful vintage 1940’s pie crust table with metal feet. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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