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my new journal…

I am constantly sketching. I have floor plans, furniture arrangement plans, future room projects, old projects, fonts, logo’s, etc. The list goes on and on. I’ve never actually gone out and bought myself a sketchbook to keep it all together which would probably be the more organized thing to do. I blame Pinterest. 
Well the other day this all changed. I received an blank journal from Rag & Bone and immediately sat down and started filling up some pages. It is a blank handmade journal. 

That’s right, I said handmade!

The Artist Journals have hand-cut deckled edged pages of soft yet thick vellum.  That sentence alone is a graphic designer’s dream. The pages are thick enough for pen, pencil, ink or a soft watercolor. I’ve decided to name it my idea book. How great to have a year’s worth of ideas in one place. I might not complete them all but I think it will be nice to go back and review what’s been in my head. 

Go check out Rag & Bone for artist journals, photo albums, scrapbooks, guest books, recipe journals, day planners and more in your choice of fabric covers. They make great gifts for any occasion. I’m looking forward to sketching out some more ideas which I hope to share with you throughout the year.
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