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My lighting plan

When we first started planning the basement renovation we wanted to have recessed lighting. The ceiling was only 7 ft so anything hanging down would have been in the way. Along the way I was told by one contractor that the only way to get recessed lighting was to take down the entire ceiling, put in the lighting, then put up sheet rock and plaster and paint. That was a lot of money there so I started looking at lighting options. I shopped online and was happy with the selections I had made. There would be one light in the toy area, track lighting on the hallway, and a semi-mount pendant in both the main area and the laundry room. I had picked out this hanging lamp from Ballard Designs which would hang above the coffee table. 

ballard design
I envisioned it looking like something a la Candice Olson. I was going to have a table or ottoman in front of the sofa, so why not?
Candice Olson – HGTV
Then we met our current contractor who told us we could have recessed lighting without removing the current ceiling. Hallelujah. No bumping into anything. No unsightly track lighting. There was one problem, I liked what I had come up with for the main area. Even though it might not be the most practical look for now it gave the room a cozy feel, not a stark basement feel. A little disappointed, I helped map out where the four recessed lights would go in that main area. There will be four evenly spaced lights around that section of the room. 
Then late one night, because that is when I get my good ideas, I came up with a solution. I could have my lamp hanging in the center of the room someday. It will work great in that room when my kids are older and not playing games right in front of the tv. What was my solution?
I asked my electrician to place one more light in the very center of the 4 other lights. It is a recessed light as well, which is fine for now. When I decide I want something a little different, I’ll just add this.
ballard designs
This light adapter gives any recessed light a whole new look. You have a choice of shades, even glass pendants, to choose from. No need to call in an electrician to update your lighting. You can even adjust the height to fit your space. 
The recessed light will be fine in our space for now. If my kids want to move the ottoman over and play Wii, there is now worry of anyone hitting their heads on the light above. Once we’ve outgrown that stage, or maybe even when we have company over, I can change it out as quickly as changing a light bulb. Thanks goodness for late night bright ideas!
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