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my latest trip to the antique stores…

I managed to fit in some antique shopping last weekend around Millbrook, New York. I found a mix of items from beautiful to out of the ordinary. Please excuse the camera quality since these were all taken with my phone.
First up is the beautiful fireplace mantle which was resting against the even more breathtaking window…

There were lots of pieces of finished marble which I came really close to buying for a project I’m working on. It was in perfect condition but I decided against it.

There was a great collection of milk glass, glass jars and bottles. The one below in particular caught my eye. It is hard to see in the photograph but it had tiny bumblebees in-between the scalloped shapes. Hard to resist. I might need to start a collection.

If I ever need some metal brackets, doorknobs, drawer pulls or cabinet knobs I know where to go. There was a huge assortment that could add a lot of character to any piece or space. I’ll be back there soon with my armoire door pulls in hand to match up the dimensions!

I found this army green locker which could look great as is or with a new paint job. It would be a unique addition to a mudroom, playroom, boys bedroom or even a bathroom. 

There of course there is the air balloon basket. Not exactly sure what I’d do with it beside hang it from a tree in the backyard. I just had to include it since it is not everyday you see one of these!

In all that browsing I did come home with one item. I’d been looking for a piece of wood to create a shelf in my front hall. I came upon this game table which would have been perfect except it was not wide enough. I left the store without it but couldn’t get it out of my head. 
I then realized that the dimensions were perfect for over my laundry sorter. So I went back the next day and for $34 I have myself a folding table for my laundry room! The piece has a live edge on one side which is something I was looking for. I had it in my head but never expected to actually find it! 
Everything in my laundry room is very new. I love mixing old and new and this piece will add some unexpected character to the space. The warm tones will match well with the floor as well. It needs some cleaning and maybe a high gloss finish. I’m still on the fence about that. 
What do you think? Should I leave it as is or shine it up a bit?
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