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My 11 year old daughter has always been very creative. This weekend she proved that the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree when she decided to redecorate her room on her own. With some birthday money, a trip to Target and some rearranging she ended up creating a room that is definitely all her. 
She added some Christmas lights around the room, some new throw pillows and seating for a reading corner. She even took an old cork board, fabric and upholstery pins and made her own jewelry display. I put an order in for one of my own!

My five year old got in the redecorating mood also. He wanted to redecorate and the glass jar with paperclips didn’t seem to pacify him. I came into his room to find this. See the black dot on the wall of sailboats and barn stars?

Well here is the close up…

He’s still learning.

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