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My boys room

My two boys, ages five and two, share a bedroom. It is a wild and crazy room activity-wise. The decor is a little calmer to balance all that out! 

I love the blue of the walls. It is Benjamin Moore Beacon Gray. Not gray at all. It is a very soothing blue. Not childish which was what I was looking for. I wanted something long-term that they could grow up with. I made Pelmet Boxes on their two windows with this Waverly Fabric, Parterre Lacquer. 

The accents of deep red go so well with the tone of the walls. The furniture is all oak, except for the Expedit. If you are wondering where I got the furniture, you are out of luck. My father had a furniture company years ago and most of the furniture in my house was made by him. When we got married 15 years ago we only had to buy a sofa! My dad made everything else. 
To gain some more space I took the sliding doors off their closet, which is huge, and was able to fit the Expedit inside. Boys don’t need too much hanging space. I probably wouldn’t have done this if it was two girls sharing a room. The closet is wide enough inside that I can hang their “good” clothes on either side of the Expedit. The drawers in the Expedit hold their clothing, along with toys and books. They also have a dresser for clothing. 

Lighting was an issue in the room. There is no overhead lighting so I purchase this wall mounted plug- in from Pottery Barn. It turns on with the switch by the door. I wanted something up high so no one could get to it!
Their room does not have a specific “theme.” I’m not the type. It is definitely a boys room, with random pieces I’ve found in antique stores, my mothers linen closet, or outside. I’ll explain. First up are the barn stars. I got these very heavy pieces for about $5 dollars each. I hung them up with these huge nail which I painted black to blend in. 
This piece of fabric was in my mothers collection of linens. I remember it from when I was little. I mounted it on foam core and added some nail head trim. It is lightweight and had only been pulled down once. The best part is that it has all the colors in the room in it!
I unscrewed these two signs from a fence on my in-laws’ property. It used to be a bird sanctuary and these were the “No Parking” signs. My in-laws must have all thought I was nuts. I cleaned the years of moss and grime off them and used watered down white paint to get rid of the words. I then used some wall decals from Target to add my boys names. You get a jelly bean if you can tell me what language that is. We speak it here at home.

The other piece in their room which I love is part of an old crate. It has two boy on it as well as the name of my hometown. One of the little boys also looks like a picture we have of my father in-law from when he was a little boy. All very sentimental coincidences. Too much to not pass this piece up for a whole whopping $7.

This room still has a couple projects ahead for it. I’m on the search for some fabric to match the Waverly fabric. I want to hide the top shelf in the closet somehow. I’ll let you know when that gets accomplished. Any suggestions for fabric would be greatly appreciated. I’m working on a toy storage solution which I’ll let you know about soon. Again it is something anyone can do. The other big change for the room is easier to explain with a visual…..

That’s right, someones getting a big boy bed!! I’ll keep you posted.

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