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The most expensive mirror I never paid for

One day in late summer I was reading an email from my towns’ listserv. I had to read it a couple time to make sure I had it right. It said something along the lines that a family was moving and had some things on the curb. One of these items included a mirror from Ballard Designs. I checked the website to make sure I wasn’t daydreaming when I read which mirror was sitting outside, still in the box it had come in. They were giving away the Audrey mirror for FREE. Brand new, still in its original packaging.

I pulled my jaw off the floor and told everyone to get in the car. I might not have said it that nicely. I have been drooling over that mirror for about five years. I have been looking for lookalikes at Home Goods and everywhere else with no luck. Eighty nine dollars is too much for me to spend on a mirror, not matter how gorgeous it is. So I drooled on my own every time that catalog came in. And then I got the email.

My kids have never been put their shoes on and buckled in so fast. They weren’t sure what was wrong with me, I wasn’t really making sense at that point. I was probably just repeating the words “Ballard Design, mirror, free” over and over in disbelief. We drove across town and pulled up in front of the given address to find the mirror still there. All by its lonesome on the sidewalk. It was loaded in the car amongst giggles and glee, all coming from me of course. No cracks, no damage, it was in perfect condition. I actually checked on the side of the road. I’m a much calmer person that all this implies, but I’ve also never been handed an eighty nine dollar mirror before. 

So we brought it home and put it up. I knew exactly where it was going before it was even in my hands. I have a spot on one end of my living room that needed something. I just hadn’t found that something yet. Underneath is a trunk that holds toys which have made their way up from the playroom. It fits perfectly in that space. The shape itself is like a piece of art. 

I realize I might sound a little nuts at this point but put yourself in my shoes. If something you have been looking at for years, hoping one day it could live in your home, actually falls in your lap, wouldn’t you?
And to the lovely lady who let this go, Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.
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