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little changes are the best ones…

I’ve been known to gut closets, paint floors, and finish basements. While all that gives me a feeling of accomplishment it is sometimes the tiny little things that make me the happiest. Take my kitchen for example, or more importantly my kitchen drawers. 

They are original drawers with no drawer slide and they are horrible. They have to be yanked out and then shoved back in every time you need a fork. One day I will redo my kitchen but for now I will deal with them. I’d like to paint the insides but that is for another day as well. Today is just about the little changes you can do that make you happy. 
And for those of you who think my drawers are sloppy, this is what it looks like when your four year old gets to pick which part of the dishwasher he is going to empty before his brother and sister. He always picks the utensil tray. 
When we first moved in I bought white plastic drawer organizers because these drawers are very large and deep. I wanted to use up all the space I possibly could. These white one were the largest I could find. They actually weren’t big enough and slid around so I ended up putting some of my son’s wooden blocks in the back to stabilize them. 

So I had four drawers, all mixed up and messy. I took everything out and rethought how I used each drawer. Of course this all came about by the fact that I found two huge wooden flatware organizers today. Big enough to fit. 
I had two organizers in the drawer next to the stove. I removed one of them to make room for my oven mitt and some hotplates. I’m not sure what possessed me to have those in a drawer all the way across the kitchen from the stove. In the organizer which I did keep I placed cooking and baking tools, such as meat thermometers, basters, etc.
The second drawer held all my other tools, peelers, ice cream scoop, measuring cups, wooden spoons, etc. They all stay there in my fantastic new organizer with a cork bottom. Didn’t plan on that but cork bottom means no sliding around when the drawer opens and closes. Happy dance on that one.
The third drawer is the most popular, our daily utensils. This has the second new organizer. No cork on this one but just as great.

The drawer all the way to the right is closest to the sink and rarely used. I put items in there mostly for serving and parties. Things like serving utensils and corkscrews. Thinks very rarely used.

So like I said, little changes can be the best. I think I can live with those drawers for a bit longer now.

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