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lining a bookcase with wrapping paper

One of the projects I tackled to customize the bookcase in my daughter’s room was lining the back of her bookcase with wrapping paper. I’ve been looking for quite a long time for that perfect paper to line the back of the bookcase with. I was willing to use craft paper, wrapping paper, wall paper, or whatever I found. 

A couple of weeks ago I was in Marshall’s and came across exactly what I was looking for in the wrapping paper selection. I had a couple of nieces with me and they knew even from 30 feet away that I had hit the jackpot. The large gray and white striped wrapping paper fits in perfectly with the color scheme I have going on for the rest of the room (don’t forget the blue walls).

The other reasons it was perfect are important to remember if you plan on doing this type of project yourself.

1. The paper is thick meaning it won’t fold or crinkle on you. 
You don’t want to see creases once all your hard work is done.

2. This paper was not too glossy. I would have 
preferred no gloss whatsoever, but this paper 
was too perfect to pass up regardless of that.

3. It has a large repeating pattern which makes it easy 
to line up and match as you tile pieces together.
Using my trusty triangle and ruler, I measured the width I needed and made sure my lines were straight. I wanted the stripes to go across and not down. For each bookshelf I made 3 cuts of wrapping paper making sure the same color stripe started at the top. This is where having a large and repeating pattern comes in handy!

I attached each piece using pre-cut foam mounting tape which is 100% removable. Just in case. 
This furniture was my bedroom furniture growing up. My father designed and built contemporary style furniture and this was the bedroom set he made and surprised my with one day. When I was around 14 I worked during the summer as a live in mother’s helper for some friends of ours. I came home at the end of the summer to find this in my bedroom… 

Okay so this is not my bedroom but surprisingly enough the layout of my daughter’s bedroom is an exact replica of my own childhood bedroom. 
Once all the pieces were up I placed the shelves as well as the books and accessories back on. Most of the items we already had. All the white baskets were from my daughter’s nursery that I got for her baby shower 10 years ago from Pottery Barn. They held up well!

So you want to see the whole wall again in the finished version. Well I’m not ready to show you the whole wall since I’ve got some more work to do. I’ll give you a hint. One word, starts with an “H” and rhymes with beadboard.

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