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keeping track of library books…

With a busy house of five, keeping track of our own items can be a challenge. Then add to that all the items that come from other people or places and you have a whole new problem. Case in point, library books.

We go to the library, picks out books or DVD’s or CD’s and then bring them home. We had a library bag which I would hang in the front hall closet. Out of sight, out of mind is a big theme in my home. We would forget we had the books to read because they were in the closet. They would sit there until they were due back at the library. If the books actually made it out of the bag there is a good chance they would be lost, for quite a while. It took me about two months to find “The Happy Penguin” and I wasn’t too happy about it. 
So I decided we needed a new system. A basket that is always out in the open. It is large enough (13 inches by 13 inches) and deep enough (4 inches) to hold any size shape and book. 
I bought this basket years ago either at Marshalls or TJMaxx and it has been used in a lot of different ways. For a while it was my inbox but I decided it was too big of an inbox since things went in and stayed in. I then used it for magazines and the remote on the coffee table but it was getting a little too much love from the kids. Now it has been placed on top of the tv armoire in the living room. I added a chalkboard label to dress in up. 


Having it out in the open allows my children access to their books at any time. The books have been returned to the basket each time they are read. I’ve actually found that we get more library books at a time since we have such a large space to put them. I had always limited the books since they hung on a hook in the library bag. With the new system the books also get returned to the library on time since they are front and center. 
Are you an out of sight, out of mind person like me? What tricks have you used around the house to keep things in order? Send in your solutions. I’d love to share!

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