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i can't see the concrete anymore!

No one is happier than I am to see this pink fluffy stuff everywhere. No, not cotton candy, because than the kiddo’s would have been the happy ones. 

The insulation is in. On Friday we passed the plumbing, electrical and insulation requirements. What is in store this week? Drywall, patching any holes and skim coating. In other words, dusty stuff that has me a little nervous about how it will impact the rest of the house. I’ve already been through dust explosion number one that I told you about here. I’m hoping this won’t be the same. Keep your fingers crossed.

So this is what it looks like right now…

laundry room

family room

The sheet rock is ready and waiting, along with a pile of plaster. Good things to come. So far it is still not much to look at. My five year old did discover that the insulation all nicely placed in between the studs and stapled tight is fun to bounce off of. This is what I’m dealing with, making it easier for you to understand that I am beyond excited that the end is in sight!
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