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how to hide the cords from a wall mounted light fixture

The cloffice in my daughter’s room has two wall mounted fixtures which I purchased from IKEA. The are classic and elegant without being too “girly”. The head is adjustable and it is the perfect amount of light for the small space.

IKEA Arstid
I didn’t want to spend any money on electricians to install fixtures so I decided wall mounted would do. The only problem is the tell tale cord running down to wall. 

 I’ve used wall mounted fixtures in my boys room as well. The only difference was that the Pottery Barn Fisherman lantern  in their room came with an extension to hide the cord. Plus it is a boys room so I didn’t mind the industrial aspect this added. 

Since these lamps in my daughters room are on top of the chalkboard wall I needed a way to make them disappear. Enter Cordhider. 

I purchased one Cordhider with an adhesive backing at my hardware store. The plastic D shaped piece is hollow in the middle with enough room for one cord. I cut it in half (with just my kitchen scissors) to get the desired length and then coated it with two layers of chalkboard paint. 
I then slipped the cords from each fixture inside, 
peeled off the backing and adhered it to the wall. These cord covers and can be used for any area of your home. Prepaint the plastic to match your wall or baseboard color (depending on where you put the cord cover) and those unsightly cords disappear. 
Using cable tacks I then ran the cords under the desktop and attached them to the cleats on the wall.

Cable tacks are like large staples with a rounded top to safely hold cords down. They are the perfect way to keep your cords hidden along a baseboard or tacked to a piece of furniture. The two cords from the lamps run under the desk and meet up with a surge protector stashed in the corner. 
The surge sits in the corner of the desk underneath the hole I cut through for any future outlet needs. I’m thinking long term since my 10 year old isn’t using anything such as iPads, cell phones or laptops at the moment but will be in the future.  

As you can see the chalkboard section of the cloffice is a bit hit. My daughter used her desktop yesterday for homework for the first time and loved it. The desk, not the homework.
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