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house tour {the half bath}

Half bath, guest bathroom, powder room, the loo. Whatever you call it, we have one. This bathroom is on the same level as our guest room, mudroom and garage. Just six steps down from the front hall. When I first laid eyes on it all I could think of were the bathrooms in my elementary school. See for yourself…

The sink was the kind that hang off the walls and needed to be replaced. There was no toilet paper holder or towel bar. No storage and very sterile. It just needed a touch of pretty. I still have work to do in that room but to get it to where it is now here is what I did.

1. The entire floor of ugly brown tile was covered with Allure Trafficmaster. It warmed up the whole      
        space and gave me a clean slate to work with.

2.  I painted Benjamin Moore’s Weimeraner on the top portion of the wall and Decorator’s White on
         the bottom portion.

3. The sink was replaced with one that had some storage. This was a bit difficult since I had to find
        one small enough to not block the doorway.

4. The broken mirror was replaced with one I had from my previous home. Purely pretty and non-

5. A pendant lamp was added. I loved the schoolhouse look of this one which is slightly ironic
        because of the whole “I feel like I’m in my elementary school” vibe going on before any changes
        were made.

6. Last I added some finishing touches, such as toilet paper and towel holders as well as a hook on 
        the wall. I created some artwork with fabric (a really easy project) to add some more color and   
        texture. I’m waiting for inspiration to strike for the rest…
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