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felt bulletin board

One of my sponsors, The Felt Pod, generously sent me some felt ribbon the other day. I’ve never worked with felt before, and we are not talking normal felt at all. This is not the kind of primary color felt you find in your local craft store. This is 100% wool felt in an amazing assortment of colors. I decided to create a bulletin board since I’ll be needing one soon for a new area coming up in my home. 
I purchased a cork board at the craft store and put a layer of fabric first. I didn’t want anything too bold so I chose to cut some sheer curtains I already had. The stitch pattern on them adds enough without actually using fabric with a pattern. I didn’t want the felt ribbon to get lost in the fabric.
I cut the felt into 16 stripes which would act as the border of the bulletin board. They were then stapled into the back of the corkboard. I laid out the top and the bottom borders, then added the sides in a basket weave pattern.

Once all four sides of the border were done it was time for some thumbtacks. I’m doing this all backwards since this bulletin board is part of my next project. I’ve been looking for a space to collect my visual thoughts. Each item below is from a separate project! Summer has slowed me down a bit but camp starts next week and I’m ready to get some work done!

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