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eye candy {anthropologie inspiration}

Anthropologie has the most creative displays to get ideas off of. When I’m able to go I spend more time looking at how they display their items than I do actually shopping for those items. 
Here’s what I found…
1. This eclectic mix could work in any dining room. It has a casual feel to it but can still display your  “nice things.” I love how the various dishes supply the color. 

2. This is one colorful sofa. It is not my typical neutral but I loved the color. The open bookcase in the back is a fun display of collections, books, etc. What if your sofa was along a wall and this behind it. You would have two or three shelves behind the back of your sofa to hide things that don’t need to be out in the open (wifi router, phone chargers, etc…) The top shelves could be a place to hold items you do want to see. You could fit a small task lamp in their to light up the corner of your sofa. I could go on and on.

3. This was just plain cute. A chalkboard laptop for kids. Two pieces of wood and some hinges and I could make this. Hmmmm.
4. I love the look of these tables. The tops are painted as well as part of the base. I love the statement these make. They give a fun and fresh look to an ordinary table. You might see this again…
I’d also like to take this opportunity to apologize to my 10 year old daughter because I was crouching down and taking pictures of the table at the mall. 

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