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eye candy

The latest installment of eye candy is geared toward the extras. Chotchkies, doodads, accessories. Whatever they are called in your home, they still mean the same thing. I prefer to use items that have meaning, architectural structure, or both. Every once in a while I’ll get something because it is just pretty. Here’s a few items on my newest Pinerest board…
 These baskets would be perfect for a laundry room, but how about a nursery for those little extras. This could be a laundry bin in a childs’ room or a towel holder in a bathroom. The smaller one could even be a plant stand for a porch or sun room.

2 Metal Laundry Baskets with wheels – $159.00

I love me a good ampersand. It can’t get any better than a red one with lights!

Metal “&” Sign w/ Lights – $45.00

 I love the color scheme on these four tins. I must be thinking of fall already!

Set of 4 tin buckets with numbers – $89.00

This is a great side table. It could also do as a night side table in a small bedroom, a small table in the corner of a bathroom, or the perfect table for the odd corner in your hallway.

This chair just makes me happy. Perfect for a kitchen that needs some non permanent color, or even a child’s bedroom desk.

Side Table with Braced Legs – $35.00 

Wood chair – $159

Enjoy the eye candy.

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