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dressing up a boot tray…

We are in the middle of winter here in New England and I decided it was time my home had a boot tray. I was tired of a wet and slushy mudroom floor. Boot trays are a great way to corral the boots and keep your floors dry. The only problem is that I wanted a nice big plastic one which means my options weren’t too pretty.
via gardener’s supply
I purchased a large boot tray and tried to come up with a way to make it a bit more pleasant to the eye. I was thinking of maybe rocks, and then maybe some tile, when a brilliant friend of mine suggested rock tile. I headed over to Home Depot and found these tile…
I purchased four tiles. Three fit perfectly and I ended up cutting up the third one to fill out the border.

The boot tray fits right next to the garage door. Front and center so everyone can remember to put their boots and muddy shoes there right away. The rocks help the snow and slush melt quickly while the boots stay dry. This method is easier to clean out than individual rocks would have been. I just lift up the tiles and hose it all down. 

A project like this is easy to tailor to your own space. There are plenty of different color and style options where tiles or rock tiles are concerned. You could even paint some rocks if you’d like. I was drawn to a couple of the tiles, specifically the mosaic ones. I managed to stay on track. 
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