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design gone wrong…

One week since my last post can only mean one thing, I’m on vacation. Spending some time away with family can be very relaxing. Beach, sand, no schedules or calendars. The nature all around me is gorgeous. The interior design, not so much. 
We are staying at a place where the person in charge of decorating was given a credit card and told “Decorate!” That person then happily made their way to HomeGoods and bought. In the back of their minds they had a little birdy saying, “Keep it beachy.” They went through the list of items needed to decorate and fill the rooms. A mirror here, a table lamp there. A bench for the hallway. They ended up with a hodge podge of styles and items. Beachy, country, cottage, art deco, 1970’s and much much more are all crammed into a two bedroom apartment. Here is what they came up with…

Don’t forget, this is all in one apartment! I’m all for themes and various styles but the only time this large of a group should be seen together is in the clearance aisle in HomeGoods. So the lesson here, pick a theme or style and stick to it!

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