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corkboard tutorial

My nine year old daughter is a collector. She’s been asking for a cork board for a while and since the alternative is her taping things to her wall I finally got around to it. All I needed were some easy to find supplies.


cork board
staple gun (glue gun or even duct tape would work as well)
push pins (I prefer upholstery tacks)

First I placed the fabric upside down and laid the cork board on top. I actually found a large cork board with a wood frame. If you don’t find the size you want you could just duct tape pieces of cork together.

I cut the fabric with enough room to wrap it around the back of the cork board and staple. I stapled the long sides first, then folded the corners tightly and started working on the last two sides. 

The last step is a finishing touch that I had in mind. I simply pushed in decorative upholstery tacks around the edges. There are a lot of options for finishing a board off if you want to. You could glue gun ribbon, washi tape or any other decorative item. Searching through the scrapbooking supplies in your local craft store can give you a lot of ideas!

So that’s it. Really easy to make. I found a fabric that coordinates with the pelmet box I had made in my daughters room. It wasn’t even upholstery fabric, which was new for me. I couldn’t find anything I wanted in the home decor section so I wandered over to the quilting section and found the perfect fabric.

I’ve made a lot of these and actually have one up in my kitchen. All the latest invitations and drawings from my kids go up there, adding some color to that end of the kitchen. Since my daughters walls are painted a warm white, this is helping to add some color there as well.

Sharing this project at The Shabby Nest, Tatertots and Jello, and The 36th Avenue.

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