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I was able to do one of my favorite things this weekend. I went with my daughter and my two nieces for some antiquing. We were in Rhinebeck, NY, which is full of antique shops and found ourselves at the Beekman Arms Antique Market, a two story red barn complete with a rickety staircase and a barn door.
We didn’t purchase a thing had a lot of fun looking at all the items. Here are a few that were worth of some pictures. 

I have a thing for birds. These little guys were only a couple dollars each. I’m regretting that I walked away from them now.
How cute would this be in a laundry or craft room. Each spool of wool thread was on a wooden spindle. It was quite a colorful collection. This shot does not do it justice at all.

These heavy iron brackets would be a cute addition to any shelf. They were $9.00 for the pair. They would even look nice mounted in a doorway.
I loved these doors. I could envision these as the doors to a pantry. It would need a custom fit job but the leaded glass detail would add such a statement in any kitchen.
This table. With those claw feet. In a foyer. It would need to be a larger foyer but how great would that look?!
This was a beautiful wooden birdcage. Not necessarily for birds anymore but rather on top of a bookcase or larger piece of furniture. It needed a some cleaning but was the most gorgeous shade of blue. 
This was some sort of ladder but all I saw was a hanging rack for pots above an kitchen island. It could also go in a laundry room as a drying rack. 
This would look great in my currently unused fireplace. Yes, in the fireplace.
Cleaned up and reupholstered, and maybe even painted, this rocking chair could be a cute addition to a nursery.

I have too much fun for my own good in these places. It is also fun to see it in the eyes of my daughter, which basically means any items having to do with dogs are found and ogled over .
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