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basement update {hopefully the last!}

There has been a lot of progress on the basement over the last week. After some heavy rains we had some water which was totally unrelated to the flood in the summer caused by a loose valve. Luckily we had not put the floor down yet before this latest bit of water. We decided to avoid this situation in the future by installing a sump pump. A hole was dug in the corner where water always seems to be a problem. The three foot deep basin was then installed. The next morning when our contractor went to work on it again there was already 9 inches of water inside! The sump pump has a backup battery just in case our power goes out so we feel pretty covered. 
The floor was then put down which right away made it feel like a lived in space again. Everything was covered and taped up for the board and batten and built-ins to be sprayed. They sprayed one coat and will come back today to spray the last one. 

After that all that is left is a good thorough cleaning and my basement is done!
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