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and the color is…

In the process of redoing my daughter’s bedroom one of the most important decisions we made was the paint color. After doing some research on how colors affect you we settled on the blue family. Pinterest helped out and we narrowed it down even more …
We were looking for a calm blue without too much gray in it. Something on the turquoise side of Robins Egg blue. That was what was in my head at least.
Some of the paint colors we already had on hand to try out. I’ve used Benjamin Moore Beacon Gray in my boy’s room as well as my mudroom. I purchased some sample bottles of paint for some trial and error right on the walls. We left it there for a few days to see the colors in all different sorts of light.  
What color did we settle on? The one with the smiley face of course, better known as Benjamin Moore Ocean Breeze. Sounds calming, right? Mother and daughter are both happy with the color. She was even happier when I gave her the sample bottle and let her go to town on the rest of her walls.
Finished product coming soon!
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